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This program allows you and your partner, to choose how to make sex this time.
In the easy and funny way.

Just you (together) touch the screen
dream and... enjoy!

The commercial version of this program,
gives you:

  •  not 10 positions 
  •  not 20 positions 
  •  even not 50 positions 
  • almost 100 positions !
  • included specials positions: acrobatic
  • included specials positions: "zero gravity"
  • included oral sex positions


  • useful innocent icon on the Today Screen
  • "revise all" feature of the entire library
  • free upgrade to more positions in the future
  • free upgrade to the more sophisticated version     (like some kind of AI learns yours preferences)

    Amaze your partner, say:
    "We have to touch the screen now!"

    This program works pretty and easy.
    All what you have to do, it is to tap the "question" icon or use the menu Search\\Start.

    You see the special dialog with two large buttons. You and your partner should touch these buttons gently in the same time, dream a moment, and release the screen after a few seconds.



    You will see a sex position to play.
    Relax yourselves. Enjoy!

    This program does not shows you real photos, but computer's generated pictures. This is because, it isn't fun to watch "beautiful models" and then have sex in "real" world. This program is to give you the "start point" to yours pleasure and satisfaction.



    This program browses the entire collection of positions, all the time you touch the screen. It makes it fast, hundreds times per second, so it's impossible to foresee the result.

    Optionally, you can mark the library to include into the browsing - as you and your partner wish.
    All positions were splitted to libraries: Possibilites, Acrobatic, Zero Gravity and Oral Sex. You can turn on and off each of these libraries.

    You should undestand that the splitting is unreal. Because for some people the one of Acrobatic positions can be "normal and daily", and for others the one of Possibilities positions is inpracticable maybe.


    When minimized, this program displays a two small icons on your Today Screen's bottom bar. The Left Icon will show the Start Search dialog, and the Right Icon will show the last result.


    This program's icon, title and traybar's icons are innocent, without the word "sex" or nudity,
    so you haven't to worry at any problems.


    The current distributed version: 1.0.
  • has almost 100 positions
  • requires 2.2MB of free memory
  • installable on main memory or Storage Card
  • gives you a free lifetime upgrade

    and it's available from the following services:

    Trial Version:

  • has only 15 positions
  • has no "revise of library" feature
  • works 7 days with no limits
  • needs only 500kB of free memory

    The final notice. An author of this program do not accept any responsibility for the results of yours health or satisfaction. This program is designed for fun games only.


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